The Cornerclub has two primary goals: community and content. Explore Vvardenfell with friends or venture out into the rest of Tamriel and see what the Morrowind modding community has been developing for over 15 years. Rest easy knowing that your character progress is backed up to an external location every 6 hours. Both servers have disabled consoles.


The Cornerclub | Vanilla

The authentic experience: only Morrowind and its two expansions (Tribunal and Bloodmoon) are required to connect.

Cells reset every 6 hours and quests reset every 12 hours (both starting at 1 AM EDT).

The Cornerclub | Tamriel

A dynamic server offering new landmasses and content, along with minor fixes for the vanilla game. Tamriel will be updated in line with new releases from the teams at Tamriel Rebuilt (Morrowind) and Project Tamriel (Cyrodiil, Skyrim). You must download and activate the following mods (more may be added over time):

Note: Your plugins MUST be in that exact order AND have identical spelling as those listed on the server. Please visit the Setup page for the exact file names.

Cells reset every 6 hours and quests reset every 24 hours (both starting at 1 AM EDT).