Tamriel_Data v5 Released

Tamriel_Data v5, the shared TR/SHOTN/PC resource pack, has been released and you’ll need to download it to be able to connect to the Tamriel server. Grab it on Nexus.

Please visit the Setup page for tips on how to setup your load order and visit our Discord if you need any help setting up the various mods.

January 2018 Hardcore Ladder Results

(Greater than level 1 and surviving as of 01/31/18)

  • UrumasiHC - Lvl 176
  • DarkHC - Lvl 71
  • Ralluin Of Sunhold - Lvl 33
  • BloodyPox - Lvl 25
  • Mallimo - Lvl 21
  • Ahatar - Lvl 17
  • Eagleye - Lvl 12
  • Aryon - Lvl 9
  • Caribe - Lvl 8
  • Tul - Lvl 8
  • New Andersson - Lvl 3
  • new chungus - Lvl 3
  • New Tromboner - Lvl 2
  • Redoran Guard - Lvl 2
  • wish - Lvl 2

Congrats to all participants! The new ladder (February 2018) has now started. Any HC characters made during the January ladder won’t be seen on the February ladder. If you want to recreate your existing character to be added to the February ladder, use /deletecharacter.

Perks UI Overhaul

The Cornerclub Perks system has been overhauled. Now, instead of typing everything in manually, all you have to do is enter /perks and choose from an assortment of options. All of the old features are there in addition to the new options “Change Birthsign” and “Change Race”. Everything seems to be working as expected, but let us know on the Discord if you run into any problems.

Ideas for new perks are always welcome, too.

setcreature list

New /setcreature IDs and Layout

I’ve added more creatures to choose from (all still cost 1 token):

ash_vampire, bear_snow2, centurion_archer, centurion_sphere, centurion_steam, dagoth_ur, goblin_bruiser, goblin_warchief, hircine, hircine_guile, hircine_speed, hircine_strength, horker_black, imperfect, lich, lich_barilzar, rat_pack, raven, riekling_mounted, udyrfrkyte, yagrum

The “/setcreature list” command now shows a much cleaner list of all possible creature IDs for /setcreature:

setcreature list

TES3MP v0.6.2-Hotfixed Released

TES3MP version “0.6.2-hotfixed” has been released. It can be downloaded here: https://github.com/TES3MP/openmw-tes3mp/releases. You’ll need this new client to connect to both the Vanilla and Tamriel servers. Most users report the best results when extracting it it into a new folder instead of overwriting previous versions of TES3MP.

Not much in the way of overt client updates this time… most of the changes are serverside and under-the-hood.