Tamriel Rebuilt v1709 Released + New Plugins

Tamriel Rebuilt v1709 has been released and you will need to download it to be able to connect to the Tamriel server. Grab it on Nexus. Please note that there is a new plugin that must be enabled: TR_Factions.esp.

All Tamriel player files have been wiped due to TR v1709’s merging of Mainland and vanilla factions (a rare, but significant event).

Additionally, another mod has been added to the server: Anthology Solstheim. It fixes Solstheim’s location in relation to Vvardenfell and mainland Morrowind. It’s available on Nexus, too.

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to download Tamriel_Data v4 by clicking here.

Please visit the Setup page for your updated load order and visit our Discord if you need any help setting up the various mods.