December 2017 Hardcore Ladder Results

Lvl 1s: ЯZhorik, Mr. Sauce, Island Chef, Kisrin, Did you Crack a Rat?, Karlaiel, Писюль Засовав, wcr-josh, Elyssa Moorhart, fushiante, cherry-kun, Massive legend, AshPotato, РаёКирр, Spidge, Lucius, Dueka, Bleb, Surge, Sintelic, Atmosfear, vv, Grand Daddy-o, Hero Of Kvatch, Natharyn, mupf, Volt, V’Sl1de, Jazler, Okonkwo, SooS

(surviving as of 12/31/17)

Congrats to all participants! The new ladder (January 2018) has now started. Any HC characters made during the December ladder won’t be seen on the January ladder. If you want to recreate your existing character to be added to the January ladder, use /deletecharacter.